Becca Mann, 1 Channel Down + 2 To Go

Courtesy of Steve Haumschild, MauiMolokaiLanai, Hawaii.

Becca Mann started on her attempt of the renowned 57.58 km Maui Nui Triangle Swim in Hawaii this afternoon.

Steve Haumschild reported, “She started on Maui. Her first channel crossing took her 4 hours 1 minute across the 15.75 km Pailolo Channel from Maui to Molokai.

She is now headed toward the island of Lanai and the weather has been great so far.

We want to get the most exposed legs out of the way first which leaves Lanai-to-Maui as her final stretch which is a body of water that Becca knows very well already.

Leg 1 started on Maui and finished on Molokai across the 15.75 km Pailolo Channel. Leg 2 started on Molokai where she is now headed to Club Lanai on Lanai across the 26.5 km Kalohi Channel. Leg 3 will go from Club Lanai on Lanai and finish at Black Rock on Maui, which [should be the] easiest [leg], 15.33 km across the Auau Channel.

Mann is being escorted by Captain Michael Twigg-Smith with the assistance of Haumschild, hoping to finish the 57.58 km Maui Nui Triangle Swim within 20 hours.

To follow Mann, follow Steve Haumschild’s Delorme Tracker here or for more information, visit @kaiwichannelassociation.

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