Kirill Ambrosimov Wins 10 km In Lake Ohrid

Courtesy of FINA, Lake Ohrid, North Macedonia.

Kirill Ambrosimov won the 7th leg of the 2019 FINA/CNSG Marathon Swim World Series held in Lake Ohrid in North Macedonia in a very close race on August 28th. The Russian beat France’s Axel Reymond by 0.1 seconds in the 10 km race.

The 2019 FINA/CNSG Marathon Swim World Series has two more races, the next one is held September 7th in Nantou Taiwan and the last one on September 29the in Chun’An, China.

Men’s Results:
1. Kirill Ambrosimov (Russia) 2:00:21.80
2. Axel Reymond (France) 2:00:21.90
3. Matteo Furlan (Italy) 2:00:23.30
4. Kristof Rasovszky (Hungary) 2:00:24.60
5. Andrea Bianchi (Italy) 2:00:29.30
6. Andreas Waschburger (Germany) 2:00:29.50
7. Dario Verani (Italy) 2:00:41.90
8. Marcel Schouten (Netherlands) 2:00:41.90
9. Evgenij Pop Acev (North Macedonia) 2:10:53.50
10. Nikola Savatinov (Bulgaria) 2:12:16.90

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