Michael Twigg-Smith, Becca Mann On The Maui Nui Triangle Swim

Courtesy of Michael Twigg-Smith of the Kaiwi Channel Association, MauiMolokaiLanai, Hawaii.

Becca Mann described her 57.58 km Maui Nui Triangle Swim where she swam between the islands of Maui, Molokai, Lanai and back to Maui.

She teamed up with Captain Michael Twigg-Smith, Steve Haumschild, kayaker Shelley Oates-Wilding, Relief Captain Mike Scott, feeder/mother Beth Mann, escort kayaker Kainoa Lopes and crew member Ecar Roush.

Mann was escorted by Captain Michael Twigg-Smith who described her 20 hour 53 minute Maui Nui Triangle Swim above. The Captain and
Haumschild reported the following information:

15.75 km Pailolo Channel from Maui to Molokai, started at 1:00 pm on August 18th
Pailolo Channel finished on Becca Beach at 5:01 pm on August 18th
26.50 km Kalohi Channel from Molokai to Lanai, started at 5:09 pm on August 18th
Kalohi Channel finished at 3:20 am on August 19th
15.33 km Auau Channel from Lanai to Maui, started at 3:29 am on August 19th
Auau Channel finished at 9:53 am on August 19th
Total time for 57.58 km: 20 hours 53 minutes 37 seconds

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