Molokai Channel Race Is On, Mano-a-Womano

Courtesy of Quinn Fitzgerald, Molokai Channel, MolokaiOahu, Hawaii.

The TOC Kaiwi Channel Relay is on. 3 hours 5 minutes into the start of the 42 km match race between The Olympic Club Men’s team and The Olympic Club’s Women’s team, the teams are going neck-and-neck.

Two teams of six swimmers each from the Olympic Club are at it, racing between the Hawaiian islands of Molokai and Oahu in the second Kaiwi Channel Swim Race:

The Olympic Club’s Women’s Team:
* Naoko Watanabe
* Felicia Lee
* Elyssa Pedote
* Allison Arnold
* Christine Olson
* Christine Hughes
The Olympic Club’s Men’s Team:
* Blake Wheale
* Mazen Aziz Metwaly
* Harrison Tingler
* Quinn Fitzgerald
* Matthew Talmadge
* Matthew Korman

Paddlers: Ricardo Urbina for the men and Shelley Oates-Wilding with the women.

Escort Captains: Steve Shoda for the men and Mike Twigg-Smith with the women.

To follow the match race, visit here.

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