The Swimmers From 1968 To The Present

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

The Swimmer is a title of several different swimming movies from 1968 to 2019.

The Swimmer is a 1968 film directed by Frank Perry and starring Burt Lancaster with Janet Landgard and Janice Rule in featured roles. The surreal, allegorical tale is based on the 1964 short story by John Cheever, adapted by Eleanor Perry, the director’s wife.

The Swimmer was listed as one of the Great Movies for Open Water Swimmers.

The Swimmer is a short film edited, written, narrated and scored by Simon Banthorpe in 2012.

The Swimmer is a short film by Thomas Beug about Stephen Redmond, an Irish marathon swimmer who tries to make sense of his life one stroke at a time in the isolation of the cold Atlantic Ocean.

The Swimmer is a 2019 short film by Blaise Hayward about Walter Strohmeyer, a 90-year-old American life-long open water swimmer from Long Island, New York [shown above].

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