Views Of Traversée internationale du lac St-Jean

Courtesy of Maxime Lamontagne, lac St-Jean, Quebec, Canada.

Maxime Lamontagne takes many fascinating – and interestingly subtle – photographs.

His recent work at the FINA/CNSG Marathon Swim World Series 10 km race at the 2019 Traversée internationale du lac St-Jean held in Quebec, Canada on July 21st offered interesting insights in the actions of professional marathon swimmers.

Italy’s Rachele Bruni won the 10 km race in lac St-Jean after traveling 30 hours from Gwangju, South Korea – where she competed in the FINA World Championships – to Quebec, Canada.  But it appears that she – and her Italian teammate Alice Franco were in no rush at the start [see photo above of the two Italian swimmers on the start pontoon in black swim caps].

lac St-Jean.Women’s 10 km Results:
  1. Rachele Bruni, Italy 2:03:56.4
  2. Anna Olasz, Hungary 2:04:00.3
  3. Caroline Jouisse, France 2:04:03.2
  4. Stephanie Horner, Canada 2:04:08.8
  5. Kenna Smallegange, Canada 2:05:47.4
  6. Morgane Dornic, France 2:05:51.6
  7. Alice Franco, Italy 2:07:01.5
  8. Andrea Terriault, Canada 2:10:53.0
  9. Alexandra Bougie, Canada 2:11:17.9
  10. Gabrielle Savard, Canada 2:13:11.2
  11. Heidi Ullrich, Canada 2:17:55.6
  12. Dania Belisle, Canada 2:20:47.9
  13. Elise Bolger, Canada 2:28:41.3
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