Young Begets Young Across The English Channel

Courtesy of Serpentine Swimming Club, English Channel.

Gaurvi Singhvi is a 16-year-old swimmer who crossed the English Channel on August 23rd in 13 hours 28 minutes.

Young for sure. And the Serpentine Swimming Club produces some remarkable young swimmers.

Singhvi, a Serpentine Swimming Club member, broke the club’s age record that was previously held by Nick Adams set in 1993 in 14 hours 12 minutes when he was a month shy of his 17th birthday. Gaurvi will celebrate her 17th birthday in February 2020.

Adams, who has swum across the English Channel 15 times in his career, was part of Singhvi’s escort crew along with Serpentine Swimming Club members Deirdre Ward and Kevin Blick, mother Shubh Singhvi, father Abishek Singhvi, coach Mahesh Paliwel, escort pilot Paul Foreman and observer Jason Kelvin.

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