Déjà Vu For Angela Maurer In Novi, Croatia

Courtesy of FINA, Novi, Croatia.

Angela Maurer, at the age of 44, became one of the oldest swimmers in history to win a leg on the FINA UltraMarathon Swim Series.

44-year-old Maurer won the 20 km marathon swim in Novi, Croatia on August 31st.

Maurer described her victory by 17 seconds over another veteran Alice Franco of Italy, “It was a super race with a wonderful scenery. It was fun. What more could you ask for? After I missed the FINA World Cup qualification, I am very happy about the 3rd place finish in the 10 km race at the European LE Cup in Lake Ohrid. So I spontaneously decided to race after an invitation from the organizer. 13 years after my last participation in this race, I returned to the place where I was always successful.”

Official Results:
1. Angela Maurer (Germany) 4:28:10
2. Alice Franco (Italy) 4:28:27
3. Romina Imwinkelried (Argentina) 4:35:50
4. Pilar Geijo (Argentina) 4:35:58
5. Erika Yenssen (Argentina) 4:36:10
6. Marie-Laurence Lortie (Canada) 4:49:10
7. Daira Marin (Argentina) 4:58:26
8. Martina Oriozabala (Argentina) 5:02:12
9. Rita Vanesa Garcia (Argentina) 5:02:23
10. Ivana Prizmic (Croatia) 5:28:04

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