Swimming Around Angel Island: Unofficial, Unobserved, Undocumented…And Loads Of Fun

Courtesy of Bryan Temmermand, Angel Island, San Francisco Bay, California.

Alex Kostich completed yet another circumnavigation island: a swim around Angel Island in San Francisco Bay.

The 8 km swim has been completed by 15 swimmers according to Bryan Temmermand of Pacific Open Water Swim Co. who escorted Kostich.

Kostich started and finished at Quarry Point, taking 1 hour 48 minutes 58 seconds in an enjoyable swim. He was happy for accomplishing his goal for various reasons, “I did this swim for myself and wanted to redeem my own disappointment after the Waikiki Roughwater Swim. I am grateful to do this swim without a wetsuit after the Alcatraz Island swim earlier this summer.”

Kostich demonstrated how many swims were done in the 20th century: just for pure enjoyment. But in the 21st century, his swim was judged to be unofficial and unobserved because (1) he wore a wristwatch and (2) no Northern California Open Water Swimming Association observer was used. “I just wanted to get in and swim after a week of work.”

Unofficial, unobserved, unescorted, undocumented…but still enjoyable. A local open water swim, old-school style, just for fun.

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