The Colors Of Catalina Crossings

Courtesy of Swim Long Beach, Catalina Channel, California.

A guarantee during a Catalina Channel crossing is seeing a wide spectrum of colors. The colors of the sky and the water ranges from light blues in the middle of the day to a mixture of oranges, reds, purples, dark blues and inky black from sunset to sunrise before the arrival.

Swim Long Beach had two separate tandem relays that set off from Long Beach last night. Team Neptune crossed in 9 hours 54 minutes and Team Poseidon crossed in 9 hours 55 minutes in the 32.3 km Catalina Channel this Sunday morning.

The team consisted of:
* Head Coach Hank Wise
* Maui Diamond (escort boat) Commodore of the Sea Scouts Albert Guerra
* Escort Boat Captain Chris Macy
* Coordinator Katie Rowe
* Kayaker Barb Schumacher
* Crew Chris Geer
* Crew Peter Knapp
* Team Neptune swimmer Sam Fandrich
* Team Captain and Team Neptune swimmer Mike Tran
* Team Neptune swimmer Dave O’Neil
* Team Neptune swimmer Devon Beebe
* Team Neptune swimmer Fred Gilbert
* Team Neptune swimmer Gerry Parker
* Team Poseidon swimmer Jeff Wheeler
* Team Poseidon swimmer Brian Kelley
* Team Poseidon swimmer Steve Sanchez
* Team Poseidon swimmer Tess Parkhouse
* Team Poseidon swimmer Jose Villa
* Team Poseidon swimmer Tina Weidenkeller

Their tracker is posted here.

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