Barbados to St Lucia – Cameron Bellamy’s Longest Channel Swim

Courtesy of Cameron Bellamy, Barbados to St. Lucia, Caribbean Sea.

Imagine starting a swim in unknown, unchartered waters on Friday the 13th (as far as swimmers are considered).

That is exactly what Cameron Bellamy did on Friday, September 13th at 8:18 am. The South African then swam all day on Friday and into Saturday morning. He continued swimming throughout Saturday and again through a second night. By Sunday, he was swimming on his third consecutive sunrise – and he considered to swim through Sunday morning and afternoon. He finally reached his goal after 56 hours 55 minutes on Sunday evening at 5:15 pm.

Bellamy tells his fascinating story here. Enjoy his scope of details and understand his mental outlook throughout the swim.

The 37-year-old provides a wide variety of information and insights into his swim that was ratified by the Barbados Aquatic Sports Association. His crew included:

• Captain Jono Jones
• Assistant Captain Adrian Joseph
• Mechanic Shemar Carrington
• Medic Mark Small
• Medic Karen Dunbreaker
• Head Official Observer Alison Pile
• Official Observer and Barbados Aquatic Sports Association Representative Rene Dulieu
• Support Crew member and Reserve Observer Chris Sikkens
• Support Crew member Kristina Evelyn
• Support Crew member Amanda Garcia
• Support Crew member Karen Turner
• Support Crew member Mark Farmer
• Support Crew member Hudson Harr (temporary – on crew for 1st day and last 3 hours)
• Support Crew member and reserve observer Geoff Farmer (temporary – on crew for 1st day)
• Support Crew member and reserve observer John Howard (temporary – on crew for 1st day)

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