Cameron Bellamy honored by the Guinness World Records for his 40 hour 46 minute circumnavigation swim around Barbados on his second attempt.

Cameron Bellamy in hospital recovering from his 56 hour 55 minute channel crossing in the Caribbean Sea.

Cameron Bellamy Honored By International Marathon Swimming Hall Of Fame

Courtesy of Ned Denison, International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Cameron Bellamy has enjoyed and suffered through an incredible few years – with his achievement of the Oceans Seven, his circumnavigation swim of Barbados, his dashed hopes of swimming from Cuba to Florida, and his redemption swim of 56 hours 55 minutes from Barbados to St Lucia in the Caribbean Sea,” commented Steven Munatones.

One thing that Cameron can do incredibly well is digging deep and pushing himself mentally and physically to extremes that few humans ever reach. But he is also extremely practical and pragmatic while self-organizes his adventures with a humble stoicism. And, the thing that impresses me the most, is that he tops off all of his attributes with a profound sense of generosity – giving and sharing with others.

To date and still counting, his challenges around the world have raised in excess of US$500,000 for the Ubunye Challenge, a charity he founded in 2011, which supports early childhood development in rural areas of the Eastern Cape in South Africa, Zimbabwe, and, the Caribbean.”

Ned Denison, chairperson of the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame described Bellamy’s accomplishments for which he is recognized as as Honor Swimmer by the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame, “Cameron completed two on the longest ever solo sea swims (90 km around Barbados in 40 hours 46 minutes on his second attempt and 150 km from Barbados to St. Lucia
in 56 hours 55 minutes), was the 11th swimmer to complete the Oceans Seven (English Channel + Catalina Channel + Strait of Gibraltar + North Channel + Kaiwi Channel + Tsugaru Channel + Cook Strait).

His 2018 Swim Around Barbados was ratified by the Marathon Swimming Federation as the 13th longest current neutral swim of all time. His 2019 Barbados to St. Lucia Swim was ratified by the Barbados Amateur Swimming Association where he wore a non-buoyant stinger suit for 3 hours during the first night and less than 1 hour the second night during peak jellyfish periods.”

While Bellamy was recognized by the Guinness World Records for his marathon swims, but he also has world records in rowing 6,620 km on a 6-person team that is the longest and fastest row across the Indian Ocean from Australia to Africa. And he did three cycling adventures including the longest of 6,000 km solo and unassisted from Beijing to India along the Silk Road then down to the southern tip of India in 4 months.

Bellamy will be honored at the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame induction ceremony in New York City on May 2nd 2020 along with the fellow members of the Class of 2020.

Cameron Bellamy speaking at the WOWSA Ocean Fest where he was honored by the Guinness World Records.

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