How To Spot Open Water Swimmers In The Airport

Video courtesy of Louisville Swimming and Diving Team, Raleigh-Durham International Airport, North Carolina.

Although the women of the Louisville Swimming and Diving Team took it to the extreme at the Raleigh-Durham International Airport in North Carolina after their swim meet when they were stuck in the airport for 7 hours back in 2015, it is often fairly easy to spot open water swimmers in airports around the world:

1. They are stretching their arms or legs.
2. They have a pair of extra goggles in or hanging off their carry-on bag.
3. They are frequently hydrating with a water bottle on hand – or either talking about food.
4. They are listening to music and staring at their smartphones, laughing collectively and individually as they pass the time.
5. They are checking their social media feeds for updates from the swimming community.
6. They have a swim cap tan or raccoon eyes.
7. Their hair is still drying from the last workout they did before heading to the airport – and their hair is up in a bun if the women have long hair.
8. They are wearing a t-shirt that they received at a swimming event.
9. If they overhear the word ‘swimming’ or ‘swimmer’, they immediately do a double-take and look over.
10. They have a healthy, outdoor glow.

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