Endurance Artists And Extreme Performers In The Open Water Swimming World

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

David Blaine is described as an American illusionist, endurance artist and extreme performer.

I think that description is a great way to define his creativity and athleticism,” observed Steven Munatones. “His feats of endurance included when he was buried alive for 7 days with only 150 mm of headroom and 51 mm of room on each side of him, when he stayed inside a block of ice in 63 hours, when he stood 30 meters up in the air for 35 hours, when he did not eat for 44 days while being suspended 9 meters in the air and tied to a gyroscope without food or water for 52 hours, and when he held his breath underwater for 17 minutes 4.5 seconds.”

This year, the open water swimming world saw a great number of its own endurance artists and extreme performers who did all kinds of incredible feats of endurance. The following athletes are just a small sampling of these extreme performers:

* André Wiersig, Attila Mányoki, Thomas Pembroke, Mariel Hawley Dávila, Nora Toledano Cadena, Elizabeth Fry, and Jonathan Ratcliffe completing the Oceans Seven
* Florian Wellbrock pulling off a Mellouli Double
* Ger Kennedy completing the Ice Sevens
* Petar Stoychev extending his dominance from marathon swimming to the ice swimming discipline
* Maarten van der Weijden swam along the entire 195 km Elfstedentocht course
* Ana Marcela Cunha raced in all four events (5 km solo + 5 km team relay + 10 km + 25 km) at the world championships
* Chloë McCardel has completed 31 career English Channel crossings to date
* Sarah Thomas swam four times non-stop across the English Channel
* Mally Richards swam his 66th annual River Mile
* Cameron Bellamy swam 151 km from Barbados to St. Lucia
* Sarah Ferguson completed a swim around 4. Easter Island
* Becca Mann swam from Maui to Molokai to Lanai to Maui in Hawaii
* Alex Kostich swam around Pitcairn Island
* Avishag Turek completed a two-way crossing of Sea of Galilee in Israel

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