Clams And Sand To Help Improve Water Quality For Olympic Marathon Swim

Courtesy of Takuya Isayama and Yahoo! News, Odaiba Marine Park, Tokyo Bay, Japan.

To improve the water quality of Tokyo Bay for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games 10 km marathon swim, the organizers have begun to dump 11,000 cubic meters of sand infused with clams and other shellfish in the area around Odaiba Marine Park.

The sand is dredged from a fishing port on Kozushima in the Izu Islands that are located south of Tokyo and include some of the most beautiful coastlines throughout Japan.

Kōzushima is a scenic volcanic island in the Philippine Sea, very popular with tourists, that is surrounded by blue water, located over 160 km south of Tokyo. The visibility of the water is incredibly clear with coral reefs – where undoubtedly the dredged sand is naturally clean.

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