Social Kicking, Getting A Leg Up On Catching Up

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

While channel swimmers, distance swimmers and elite swimmers train exceedingly hard, pushing themselves lap after lap and mile after mile in the pool and open water, not everything in swimming has to be intense and challenging or excessive and extreme. There is always a time and place for relaxation and fun, especially for those who swim for health, wellness or weight control.

This is where casual social kicking comes into play.

Social kicking is easy kicking done with a kick board and with friends and team/lanemates. Social kicking is usually done after a hard main set and the bulk of a swimming workout has been completed. After the hard-charging, aerobically-challenging tough stuff is over and the hard-nosed, gut-busting ambiance of intensity is over, age group, club, fitness and masters swimmers – with the coach’s acquiescence – can then grab their kick boards and chat in a nice easy, low-stress kicking set.

Just kicking back and forth across the pool, catching up with friends without the pressure of intervals, pace times or specific sets.

Masters swimmer Sharon, Cindy, and Mary of Swimming Wellness are shown above at the Long Beach State swimming pool.

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