South Africans Show Heartfelt Gratitude For Wayne Ridden’s Contributions & Leadership

Courtesy of Lexie Kelly, Midmar Dam, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.

Imagine over 18,000 open water swimmers gathering in one location to compete in a variety of amateur, charity, disabled and elite competitions…in a country where there are only 6,000 registered competitive swimmers,” observes Steven Munatones. “This is the environment that Wayne Riddin and his team have created in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.

The aQuellé Midmar Mile is not only one of the world’s most exciting and biggest open water swimming events, it is also part of a nationwide series of events that really drives people from all walks of life to take to the open water. From timing systems and buoy placement, from online social media interaction to celebrities, from Special Olympics to professional athletes, the aQuellé Midmar Mile has it all – and it is the operational and logistical mastermind of Wayne. Its 12 seeding events, its hot spots, its Facebook strategy, its royalty, its aerial coverage, its biathlons, its family teams, its car give-away, its live streaming: there is so much Wayne has created to develop the most extravagant, innovative, comprehensive open water swimming event in the world.

He is innovative and inspirational. He is visionary for his commitment to give back to the sport of swimming, thereby further driving even more people to enter Midmar.”

At this weekend’s aQuellé Midmar Mile, his Seal Team celebrated his 60th birthday while people showered praises for his leadership and operational skills to pull off another Midmar Mile event that was covered by dozens of journalists from the television, print, online and radio media.

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