Swim Drink Fish Produces Profile On Jessi Harewicz

Courtesy of Meghan Callon, Swim Drink Fish.

Meghan Callon, the Content Specialist of Swim Drink Fish, is creating innovative and beautiful profiles of acclaimed open water swimmers from Canada.

Her first profile is on Jessi Harewicz, who achieved the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming and does all kinds of swims in British Columbia including a 60 km solo 30 hour 13 minute solo swim from Nanaimo to Vancouver.

Video courtesy of director Edward Andrews, producer Mack Stannard, cinematographer Leonardo Harim, co-producer Carlo Wein, camera operator Momme Halbe, 1st AC Sam Barringer, sound mixer Jedd Quinn, colour editor Sam Gilling, editor Edward Andrews, and drone operator Carlo Wein, CBC Vancouver.

For a comprehensive background story on Harewicz, read Lindi Osborne’s profile on her here.

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