Tahrina Nasrin Sets Two-Way Record Across The Bangla Channel

Courtesy of WOWSA, Bangla Channel, Bangladesh.

Tahrina Nasrin from Howrah, India completed a fastest crossing of the Bangla Channel in Bangladesh on November 23rd 2018 as her first major record-setting swim.

Then a little more than a year later, she followed up that initial record with the first double crossing of the Bangla Channel by a woman – and the fastest crossing on December 15th 2019.

Nasrin completed the the first 32.2 km two-way crossing of the 16.1 km
Bangla Channel by a woman, swimming from Saint Martin’s Island to Shah Porir Dwip of Teknaf and back in Bangladesh in record time.

She started swimming at 6:12 am and completed the double-crossing journey in 8 hours 13 minutes at 2:25 pm on December 15th 2019, breaking the previous record of 9 hours 10 minutes set by Sampanna Ramesh Shelar.

She was escorted by her father Sk Afsar Ahamed, a team of supporters from the Everest Academy, and navigator Rafa Uddin.

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