Backyard Pool Sets During Quarantines

Courtesy of Jack Butera, Lexington, Massachusetts.

In this era of lockdowns, quarantines and shelter-in-place ordinances, swimmers can find alternatives to their temporarily closed training facilities and beaches: backyard swim pools.

These backyard pools present a useful alternative in these trying times. Chris Morgan of Gator Swim Club has designed a series of backyard pool workouts for his swimmers. Jack Butera, a national team swimmer from the Gator Swim Club in Massachusetts did the following backyard pool swim designed by Coach Morgan:

{**if pool only has shallow water**}
• 10” stationary wall flutter kick
• 5x vertical jumps / arms at side
• 20” stationary wall flutter kick
• 10x vertical jumps / arms at side
• 30” stationary wall flutter kick
• 15x vertical jumps / arms at side

{**if pool has shallow/deep water**}
• 15” stationary wall flutter kick
• 10x vertical jumps / arms at side
• 30” deep water vertical kick – arms crossed over chest
• 10x vertical jumps / arms streamline

Main Set
• 4x underwater kick wall-to-wall
• 30” stationary scull seated position
• 4x wall-to-wall kick with “tombstone” kick board
• 30” stationary wall kick or stationary vertical kick or alternate

[4x] **with stretch cord**
• 10” super slow butterfly
• 10” strong sculling
• 20” super slow breaststroke
• 20” strong sculling
• 30” super slow freestyle
• 30” strong sculling
• 1:00 rest

• 5x bobs with good exhale
• 1x sink to bottom and stay on bottom for 10-20 seconds

Copyright © 2020 by Chris Morgan