Gotta Keep Your Discipline, John Muenzer And Ned Denison On WOWSA Live

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Former collegiate and marathon swimmer John Muenzer and International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame chairman Ned Denison covered a profound number of topics on today’s WOWSA Live simultcast from both Cork, Ireland and Cincinnati, Ohio.

Muenzer and Denison discussed on swimmers are ideally suited to handled the immediate shock and ongoing stress caused by the nearly immediate lockdown situation caused by the COVID-19 virus. “You gotta keep discipline in this situation,” said Muenzer. “Swimmers are ideally suited to this. Swimming makes us mentally tough and prepares us for tough situations. In the pool or in a channel, we are alway facing difficulties whether it is in a difficult set in the pool or waves in the channel.”

Denison agreed, “Most swimmers get up early and are disciplined, checking email before going to an early morning session.” They also discussed big swim memory in a fascinating discussion that will make swimmers – of all ages and abilities – nod their heads in total agreement and with profound appreciation.

In addition to talking about how swimming, they talked about how companies can adjust under the current economic situation and the following:

* Big swim memory
* English Channel
* Doc Councilman
* Marcia Cleveland
* Professor Harry Briggs
* Lake Erie
* Catalina Channel
* Swimming around Manhattan: MIMS + 20 Bridges
* Feeding
* Pacing
* Tampa Bay Marathon Swim
* Ron Collins

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