Swim It And They Will Come

Courtesy of Dr. Karah Nazor, Swim The Suck, Tennessee River Gorge, Tennessee.

Dr. Karah Nazor, founder of the C.O.W.S. (Chattanooga Open Water Swimmers), established the Swim The Suck and then later created the Triple Crown of the Tennessee, a 3-race series totaling 34.1 km along the Tennessee River including:

* 5-mile Swim Hobbs Island organized by Team Rocket Tri in Huntsville, Alabama
* 6.2-mile Bridges to Bluffs 10K organized by the K.O.W.S. in Knoxville, Tennessee
* 10-mile Swim The Suck organized by the Chattanooga Open Water Swimmers and Outdoor Chattanooga in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Dr. Nazor explains, “To earn a Triple Crown of the Tennessee, you must complete all three swims totaling 21.2 miles. A Gold Member completes all three swims in the same calendar year and will receive a gold-embroidered towel and a gold patch. A Silver Member completes all three times within a two-year span and receives a silver-embroidered towel and a silver patch. A Bronze Member completes all three swims within a three-year span and receives a bronze-embroidered towel and a bronze patch.”

She created it – and did it.

All three swims are located along the Tennessee River. The Bridges to Bluffs is located from Mile 648.5 to 642.0; Swim The Suck is located from Mile 453.3 to Mile 443.55, and Swim Hobbs Island is a roundtrip between Mile 334.0 to Mile 336.5.

2017 Members
* Karah Nazor (Silver)
* Jamie Ann Phillips (Silver)
2018 Members
* Sara Edward (Bronze)
* Karen Stuckey (Silver)
2019 Members
* Stephanie Adcock (Gold)
* Marie Berry (Gold)
* Phil Colclough (Silver)
* Michele Crook (Gold)
* Amanda Darty (Gold)
* Pat Eddy (Gold)
* Joe Hutto (Gold)
* Elizabeth Laroche (Silver)
* Kimberly Lytle (Gold)
* Jack McAfee (Gold)
* Justin McGarity (Gold)
* Russell Roberts (Gold)
* Jonell Smith (Gold)
* Tim Smith (Silver)
* Libba Vaughan (Gold)
* Ashley Whitney (Gold)
* Cecelia Wigal (Gold)

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