Part 2 of WOWSA Live

Part 1 of WOWSA Live

Anthony McCarley Deals With Reality On WOWSA Live

Sponsored by KAATSU Global, Malvern Pennsylvania.

After numerous marathon swims, 100×100 @ 1:40 training sets, and channel swims around the world, Anthony McCarley is now a public speaker and shares his observations, experiences and advice with large corporations and organizations.

In a follow-up to his first WOWSA Live interview, McCarley shared additional bits of wisdom with International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame chairman Ned Denison during today’s mini edition of WOWSA Live. They talked about:

* dealing with reality
* not moving too fat
* retaining the human connection
* seeing these times as an opportunity
* differences between knowledge and emotion

For more information about McCarley and his company, viit

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