Bonny Tsui, Kimberley Chambers Explains Why We Swim On WOWSA Live

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Bonnie Tsui discusses her recently published, highly acclaimed book Why We Swim together with one of the book’s protagonists Kimberley Chambers with co-hosts Antonio Argüelles and Steven Munatones on today’s edition of WOWSA Live.

The two women bantered about all kinds of opportunities, adventures and challenges of their respective swimming and writing careers. Among many other topics, they addressed:

* the figurative rebirth in the water
* the 5 rationales for swimming in the book Why We Swim: survival, well-being, community, competition and flow
* the Pan-American Colibrí Swim from Imperial Beach, California to Tijuana, Mexico that Argüelles and Chambers led
* how water is an equalizer and enables a community of people to come together

Tsui is a life-long swimmer, first introduced to the water as a young competitive swimmer, and then later as a bioprened swimmer in San Francisco Bay, with the help of Chambers and her Dolphin Club teammates.

Both Argüelles and Chambers are Honor Swimmers in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame and are among the few people in history who have completed the Oceans Seven.

Why We Swim is available on Amazon here.

For more information about Chambers and her documentary film, visit

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