Doug Woodring Talks About Deplasticizing Open Water On WOWSA Live

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Ocean advocate and race director Doug Woodring, a highly energetic 54-year-old American living in Hong Kong for decades, was recently inducted as an Honor Administrator in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame the Class of 2020. He is among the most active people in the swimming world, traveling the world encouraging marine conservation and protection via innovative programs including Global Alert.*

Woodring talked about all things open water in Hong Kong with International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame chairman Ned Denison on today’s edition of WOWSA Live. Woodring described the following:

* starting open water swims with Doug Woo many years ago
* motivating to start the 15 km Clean Half due to the Maui Channel Swim in Hawaii
* starting the Cold Half Extreme Marathon Swim in order to cater to cold water swimmers
* yak teams in Hong Kong
* organizing the Sheko Challenge and trisolothon
* Simon Holliday and his Hong Kong-to-Macau swim with pink dolphins
* Ocean Recovery Alliance and Grate Art
* his NGO (non-governmental organization) that focuses on ocean pollution
* deplasticized efforts with many international organizations and events over the past 25 years
* human aerial art
* Hong Kong, a city of 8 million never had a lockdown and only 4 deaths during the lockdown

For more information about his NGO Ocean Recovery Alliance, visit For more information about his events in Hong Kong, visit

* One of Woodring’s newest events include a one-man outrigger and surfski paddling race in Hong Kong:

In June 2012, Doug Woodring gave an interview on Open Water Wednesday, the precursor to WOWSA Live.

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