Mike Oram Talks About English Channel Swimming On WOWSA Live

Sponsored by KAATSU Global, Dover, England.

73-year-old Mike Oram, the world’s most experienced channel escort pilot, is a fountain of expertise and experience of all kinds of English Channel crossings including solo swimmers, rowers, adventure, extreme and wetsuit athletes, and London to Paris triathletes (approximately 950 attempts).

Oram talked about myriad subjects about the English Channel with the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame chairman Ned Denison on today’s edition of WOWSA Live. Oram, a International Marathon Swimming Hall of Famer himself who , described the following:

* how people challenge themselves in the English Channel
* starting the Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation in 1998
* training other escort pilots for the Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation
* forecasting the micro-climate in Dover
* how the English Channel is a river between two land masses and the conditions depends on what happens on those land masses
* the agreement with the French authorities about the English Channel
* taking the fast swimmers across the Channel like Petar Stoychev, Trent Grimsey and Christof Wandratsch
* the day that Petar Stoychev and Yuri Kudinov raced across the Channel
* the 6 channel swimming records of Philip Rush and the story of the Rolex watch
* 5 major problems of English Channel swimmers
* prediction of the start of the 2020 English Channel swimming season

For more information about Oram, visit here.

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