Ned Denison Talks About Creating Bonds And Friendships On WOWSA Live

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Ned Denison looks like a leader,” observes Steven Munatones. “He is tall, powerful and possesses an authoritative voice and a clear vision for what he wants, both in himself and those around himself.

He is courageous; that is obvious with his ice swims, channel swims, pioneering swims, and swim in False Bay with Great White Sharks. He is a mn with unassailable integrity and brutal honesty with the ability to laugh at himself and make others laugh and smile.

Like other great leaders, he helps swimmers of all ages and abilities to reach their goals through being a role model and his Cork Distance Week [see below], and honoring people in various Halls of Fame (marathon, ice, Irish, Vermont).

The International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Honor Administrator and chairperson discussed setting and achieving goals, the close-knit community of swimmers around the globe, being only a few degrees of separation between swimmers in 6 continents on today’s edition of WOWSA Live.

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