Catherine Breed Talks About Curves And Texture On WOWSA Live

Sponsored by KAATSU, Huntington Beach, California.

Catherine Breed has swum across Lake Tahoe, English Channel, and North Channel after closing out her pool swimming career – and she sounds like she has a lot more swimming in her – which she explains on today’s WOWSA Live.

The 27-year-old who trains in Aquatic Park in San Francisco Bay touched upon together with co-hosts Steven Munatones and Antonio Argüelles:

* swimming through rough water conditions with “texture
* adapting her stroke, kick and angles to the ocean conditions that she faces
* finding her voice in the sport
* learning from mentors at the Olympic Club, Dolphin Club and Aquatic Park including Steve Walker and Antonio Argüelles
* swimming efficiently and quickly with curves in mind as taught by Milt Nelms
* enjoying production of her blog, Beyond The Blackline

To follow Breed, visit @beyondtheblackline or Beyond The Blackline blog. Watch her last stretch of swimming across the North Channel here.

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