Claudio Plit Talks About Internal and External Adventure On WOWSA Live

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International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame and International Swimming Hall of Fame dual inductee Claudio Plit talked about his professional marathon swimming career with International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame chairperson Ned Denison and Steven Munatones on today’s edition of WOWSA Live.

The 65-year-old Honor Swimmer discussed his philosophy, his mental approach, his rivals and the professional marathon swimming circuit in his interview from Mar del Plata, Argentina:

* describing the life of a professional marathon swimmer beginning as an 18-year-old on the World Professional Marathon Swimming Federation
* starting his professional career with Traversée internationale du lac St-Jean in 1973
* training primitively in the 1970s and the changes in the 1980s
* beating John Kinsella…but only in cold water conditions
* playing the cold water character by shifting his mindset and gaining a competitive edge
* cherishing the memories of being part of the marathon swimming community and appreciating how he was part of the evolution of the sport
* honoring the traditional female culture who resided in Tierra del Fuego
* winning 5 times in Traversée internationale du lac St-Jean, 4 times in Maratón Acuática Internacional Santa Fe – Coronda, and 4 times in Maratona del Golfo Capri-Napoli
* beating Philip Rush in an epic two-way crossing of lac St-Jean in 1985
* being inspired by 5-time winner of the Traversée internationale du lac St-Jean, Horacio Iglesias, a fellow professional marathon swimmer from Argentina
* remembering his favorite race in Traversée internationale du lac St-Jean where he won in 1981 in 8 hours 45 minutes, in 1985 in 18 hours 14 minutes (64 km), in 1986 in 17 hours 46 minutes (64 km), in 1987 in 17 hours 46 minutes (64 km), and in 1988 in 17 hours 36 minutes (64 km)
* helping Igor de Souza across the English Channel in 1993, in 1995, and in a successful two-way crossing escorted by Reg Brickell
* organizing FINA Grand Prix races in Mar del Plata and Rosario, Argentina
* seeing how the water around the world has gradually increased
* accepting the physicality of modern-day Olympic marathon swimming
* considering himself as a mental swimmer because marathon swimming is both an external adventure and internal adventure in one’s mind

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