David S. Clark Talks Safety, Catalina Channel Season On WOWSA Live

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International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Honor Administrator David S. Clark has swum, kayaked, crewed, coached and coordinated over 150 channel swims around the world – including Catalina Channel, English Channel and North Channel – on today’s WOWSA Live program.

Clark has been long a leading figure as a coach, paddler, observer and safety guru of the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation over the decades. He took part in over half of all Catalina Channel crossings between 1984 and 2004. He led the development of the safety practices/procedures and mandatory observer trainings which are world leading. He completed a 1986 crossing of the Catalina Channel in 12 hours 34
minutes and a crossing in 1988 of the English Channel in 9 hours 47 minutes.

The Californian has spent decades on the world’s ocean. During his interview with International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame chairperson Ned Denison, he recalled:

* remembering Lakewood Aquatics under the coaching of Jim Montrella and then meeting Penny Dean and John York
* swimming across 9 hours 47 minutes and kayaking for Catalina Channel record holders Peter Huisveld and Chad Hundeby as well as Carlos Costa and Jim McConica
* coaching, coordinating, kayaking over 150 Catalina Channel crossing
* using the Rule of 5 as a safety measure in a channel swim
* explaining the reasons for having two observers and for having quick feedings on a Catalina Channel
* explaining the reasons why the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation cancelled its 2020 season

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