Jamal Hill On Swimming Up Hill Towards Success On WOWSA Live

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Jamal Hill is one of the most interesting, inspirational, and introspective professional swimmers who I have ever meet,” says Steven Munatones who interviewed him for WOWSA Live.

Guided by healer and swim coach Wilma Wong of Golden Rebels in Pasadena, his passion is evident; it runs through his DNA. A lifelong swimmer from Inglewood, California, I know many, many, many people are going to be very happy and proud to see him standing on top of the podium in Tokyo 2021. Jamal deserves every accolade and award he receives – and earns.”

Interviewed while driving home through Los Angeles, Hill talks about:

* his muscular neuropathy, a degenerative disorder called Charcot-Marie-Tooth
* how he hid this disorder from everyone and how he finally came to grips with it
* moving forward with huge goals in the pool and on dryland
* why he established Swim Up Hill
* goals for his Swim Up Hill Foundation and the impact of COVID-19 has had on his launch

John Duarte directed and produced an excellent short film about Hill:

For more information on Hill and Swim Up Hill, visit www.swimuphill.com and on Instagram (@swimuphill).

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