Martin + Borut Strel Talk Guitars, Goggles, Gigabytes On WOWSA Live

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International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Honor Swimmer Martin Strel and his son Borut Strel talked about their adventures around the world with Ned Denison and Steven Munatones on today’s WOWSA Live program.

The 66-year-old role model from Slovenia has been creative throughout his career and shares some insights how he achieved success while Borut explained the technical challenges they faced while swimming down the Amazon River. Among other topics, they discussed:

* taking a break from guitar playing and started swimming
* getting inspired and encouraged by the Veljko Rogošić
* competing in his first professional marathon swimming race in Italy at the 1978 Maratona del Golfo Capri-Napoli racing against Claudio Plit and John Kinsella, and finishing in 11 hours 11 minutes
* being in business with his son Borut and daughter
* being sponsored by Krka, a pharmaceutical company, for 27 years
* getting ready for the worse when he first swam across the English Channel in 14°C in 1997 in 16 hours 28 minutes with escort pilot David Whyte after being encouraged by Alison Streeter
* swimming down the Danube River with his son Borut kayaking along his side
* swimming almost 12 hours per day, sometimes with snakes, down the Mississippi River in a 60 strokes per minute pace and being called daily by Jay Leno
* starting in torrential rain on his Guinness World Record swim in the Amazon River
* sustaining sufficient bandwidth on while swimming in the Amazon River with simultaneous coverage by BBC, CNN, AP, Reuters, NBC while swimming in the Amazon in the 2007
* planning his next swim – a circumnavigation around Planet Earth in 500 days
* managing Strel Swimming Adventure Holidays around the world

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