Michael and Mackenzie Miller Talk Channel Swimming On WOWSA Live

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Michael Miller and his daughter Mackenzie Miller both crossed the Molokai Channel 30 years apart – using the same simple strategy: Walk in, swim across, walk out.

Michael, the transplanted Ohioan, found himself on Oahu after hitchhiking his way across America in 1976. He then found a common love of ocean swimming with his tandem swim partner Ian Emberson – and they both set off to complete the Molokai Channel. Emberson became the renowned Maui Channel Swim founder and played a significant role in kicking off the Ironman triathlon craze while Michael continued to do a number of channel and marathon swims around the world.

Mackenzie, his 30-year-old daughter, followed in his wake in both the Molokai Channel and Catalina Channel.

They discussed their mindset and careers on today’s WOWSA Live interview with Steven Munatones including:

* an accident in Waikiki Beach with Jimmy Dean in 1987
* the inauspicious start to the 1979 Molokai Channel crossing
* training in Aquatic Park
* swimming and diving for fishing weights, sunglasses, snorkels and fins
* experiencing hypothermia in the Ederle Swim in New York
* the beauty of swimming across the Maui Channel
* training in Ala Moana Beach, Kailua and Flat Island

Mike and Mackenzie Miller interview from June 2012

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