Sandra Bucha Talks About Seeking Opportunities On WOWSA Live

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International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame and International Swimming Hall of Fame Honor Swimmer Sandra Bucha, Esq. spoke about her incredible career – in the pool, in the open water, and in the court system in the state of Illinois – on today’s WOWSA Live program.

IMSHOF chairperson Ned Denison inquired about her beginnings in the sport and how she developed into the world’s best professional marathon swimmer of her era. Among her recollections, she recalled:

* her early love for swimming
* meeting and training with Coach Don Watson
* making the national cut-off times and being allowed to train with high school boys
* filing a lawsuit in 1972 with the ACLU after she and her father Colonel Paul Bucha knew about the inequity in swimming in the State of Illinois
* training with John Kinsella, John Murphy and their male teammates
* appreciating the correction of the injustice
* recalling the professional marathon swimming circuit competing against all the men and few women including Corrie Dixon, Diana Nyad and Samia Mandour
* getting involved in pro swimming in Lake Michigan getting second to Johannes Schans who was coached by Herman Willemse
* competing in the 24 Heures La Tuque with Kinsella
* fondly remembering her ISHOF Gold Medallion award-winning brother Paul ‘Buddy’ Bucha who escorted her at the Travesée internationale du lac St-Jean in Canada

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