Vojislav Mijić Talks About Swimming With A Full Heart On WOWSA Live

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Chemical engineer and marathon swimmer Vojislav Mijić talked about swimming around the world with International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame chairperson Ned Denison in today’ edition of WOWSA Live.

The International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Honor Swimmer and organizer of various open water swims including the Epiphany Swimming for the Holy Cross of Honour talked about the following in his interview:

* setting 3 Guinness World Records in River Sava in 1992 (139 km in 36 hours 30 minutes), in River Danube in 1993 (165 km in 23 hours 57 minutes), and in River Danube in 1994 (175 km, 28 hours 12 minutes)
* swimming around the world from Hawaii and Australia to Argentina and Egypt, including over 50 races in Italy and 6 Maratona del Golfo Capri-Napoli and in the River Paraná
* remembering race directors and swimmers on Oahu like Jim Anderson, Mike Miller and Rick Heltzel
* writing telegrams, telexes, letters and faxes to get accepted in races around the world
* overcoming border problems and taking two days, for example, to travel to swims even within Europe when he lived in the former Yugoslavia
* organizing the Plivački maraton Jarak-Šabac in Serbia where professional marathon swimmers like Irene van der Laan and Damian Blaum have competed

2012 Plivački maraton Jarak-Šabac (Šabac Marathon Swim)

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