Cameron Bellamy Talks About His Extreme Adventures On WOWSA Live

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International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Honor Swimmer and Oceans Seven swimmer Cameron Bellamy described his athletic achievements and his charitable organization during today’s WOWSA Live interview.

The extreme athlete and cybersecurity expert from South Africa described a variety of dryland and aquatic experiences with International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame chairperson Ned Denison:

* seriously rowing at elite competitive level for South Africa
* realizing that he was really good at really long distance endurance challenges from cycling to rowing
* moving to London and then cycled to Beijing and India. Then moved back to London and decided to row across the Atlantic Ocean, cycle the length of the UK, trained in the Serpentine in Hyde Park
* being pushed in training in Dover Harbour by Freda Streeter
* comparing the practical differences between rowing across the Indian Ocean versus managing his career and swimming across the English Channel
* describing the difference in difficulty between rowing across the ocean versus swimming across the North Channel
* meeting Steve Walker and Amy Gubser in the Strait of Gibraltar
* seeing a tiger shark and dolphins during his Molokai Channel tandem crossing with Steve Walker end finishing in Sandy Beach with the help of Linda Kaiser
* finishing the Oceans Seven with the Tsugaru Channel
* getting motivated to finishing the North Channel after hearing some positive updates from escort pilot Quinton Nelson
* knowing he could finish a circumnavigation swim around Barbados even after failing his first attempt after 27 hours
* knowing that he could do more even after completing his 41 hour Barbados circumnavigation swim
* organizing his Barbados to St. Lucia with Kristina Evelyn in 3 weeks
* swimming in 32°C water while swimming to St. Lucia
* being in awe of Sarah Thomas and her long lake swims
* planning a 110-mile crossing of Issyk-Kul in eastern Kyrgyzstan in August 2021

For more information about Bellamy and his charitable organization Ubunye Challenge, visit

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