Karen Burton Talks About Swimming Around The World On WOWSA Live

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Karen Reeder, née Burton took a trip down memory lane during today’s WOWSA Live interview.

The International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Honor Swimmer and Air Force Academy graduate from Colorado described her professional marathon swimming career and solo channel swimming career around the world including in lac St-Jean, across the English Channel, and down the Río Paraná in Argentina.

The 6-time USA Swimming national champion, FINA World Championship medalist, 9 hour 4 minute English Channel swimmer, and 7 hour 45 minute Catalina Channel swimmer spoke with International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame chairperson Ned Denison about:

* winning a 25 km race in lac St-Jean in terrible conditions while racing against Shelley Taylor-Smith escorted by Dale Petranech who was sitting in a specially designed weighted boat
* enjoying racing around Atlantic City‘s professional marathon swim, especially swimming zig-zagging around the docks in the back bay
* representing the USA with two hats in lac St-Jean as an athlete and an administrator
* racing in Australia when teammates Chad Hundeby who finished 1st, Jay Wilkerson who finished 4th, and Martha Jahn who finished 2nd
* setting a world record across the English Channel in 6 hours 52 minutes with Martha Jahn, Jay Wilkerson, Chad Hundeby, Dirk Bouma, and Sid Cassidy
* winning the 88 km Maratón Internacional Hernandarias – Paraná FINA Series race in 1993 in 9 hours 41 minutes while been cheered on massive crowds of spectators and media
* commenting on the impact of drafting and the lack of interaction between the spectators and the modern-day pack swimming

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