Kevin Dennehy Is Driven, Traveling 100K To Swim 1.6K

Courtesy of Ned Denison, Sandycove Island Swimming Club, Cork, Ireland.

Similar to English Channel aspirants being motivated to see their name on a plate on the walls of International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Honor Organization Varne Ridge, there are other examples of swimmers who desire and make tremendous efforts to receive a physical award that commemorates an achievement in the open water.

Trophies, finisher medals, a rock from the finish beach, certificates, baseball hats, patches, and lap caps are such examples from Lake Cane in Florida to Sandycove Island in Cork, Ireland.

Recently, Kevin Dennehy earned his physical reward. But he has to drive more than 100 km to achieve the 1.6 km circumnavigation swim. Dennehy is from Ireland, but he lives more than 100 km from Sandycove Island.

He had visualized receiving a commemorative Sandycove Island 100 Lap Cap for more than a decade. He started competing in the annual Sandycove Island Challenge race in 2007 and has since driven many more miles, accomplishing during the Cork Distance Week.

The 100 Lap Cap History of Kevin Dennehy:
2007: 1 lap at the annual Sandycove Island Challenge
2008: 1 lap at the annual Sandycove Island Challenge
2009: 1 lap at the annual Sandycove Island Challenge
2015 Cork Distance Week: 10 laps
2016 Cork Distance Week: 10 laps
2017 Cork Distance Week: 9 laps
2018 Cork Distance Week: 24 laps
2019 Cork Distance Week: 20 laps
2020: 24 laps despite a cancelled Cork Distance Week

Dennehy framed because he plans to wear the other one, proudly, next time he visits.

Ned Denison says, “More than 70 swimmers wear a 100 Lap Cap, about 10 swimmers wear a 500 Lap Cap, and about 20 swimmers wear a 1000 Lap Cap.”

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