Roll On With Adam Skolnick Finding Purpose

Courtesy of Rich Roll.

Adam Skolnick is an American open water swimmer and an award-winning journalist who has written about open water swimmers Antonio Argüelles, Kimberley Chambers, the Deep Enders’ including Jim McConica, Tamie Stewart, John Chung, Theo Schmeeckle, Stacey Warmuth, Thomas Ball and Donald Stafford in the New York Times newspaper, and wrote The Forever Swim, an autobiography of Antonio Argüelles, and One Breath about Nick Mevoli, a freediver.

In an episode called FINDING PURPOSE, Roll and Skolnick talked about all kinds of issues and answer the following questions:

How do you find purpose?
What are the secrets to maintaining goals?
How can we be more mindful?
What is the nature of cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias?

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