Ryan Stramrood Shares Wisdom and His Perspectives On WOWSA Live

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Ryan Stramrood shares a love and appreciation for extreme open water swimming with his fellow colleagues including Kieron Palframan, Andrew Chin, Toks Viviers, Ram Barkai, Lewis Pugh, Cameron Bellamy, Barry Cutler and many more from South Africa.

Ice swimming, channel swimming, marathon swimming, extreme open water swimming, Stramrood does it all.

The 46-year-old speaker and extreme swimmer describes his mindset, the gateway to greatness, how he overcomes cold and conditions in the open water, and his aquatic life of adventure around the world on today’s WOWSA Live interview with Steven Munatones:

To learn more about Stramrood, check out his showreel:

For more information about Stramrood, visit ryanstramrood.com. To read some of his musing, visit his blog here.

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