Swim Wild, Out In Paperback

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Swim Wild is a book written by Jack Hudson (Little Brother) with contributions and illustrations by Calum Hudson (Middle Brother), and Robbie Hudson (Big Brother). Swim Wild describes their far-flung wild swims from the lakes of the Atlas Mountains to Australian billabongs.

It is now available in paperback at bookshops across the UK and via online retailers like Amazon, Waterstones and Yellow Kite.

Little Brother explains, “It’s been almost 5 years since myself (Jack) and my two brothers (Robbie and Calum) set off from the peaty source of the River Eden, clambered through the rugged gullet of Hell Gill Gorge, rode the currents across the Eden Valley and were spat out 9 days later, amongst the tidal flats of the Solway Firth.

It’s been a journey that showed us exactly how powerful simple things can be – like just going for a swim, or spending time with family. It’s also a chapter of our lives that feels somewhat closed now. But we’re not done, a second book is underway and there are many more Wild Swimming Brothers adventures to come.

We hope you’re all keeping safe and keeping one eye on the lochs, lakes, tarns, ponds, waterfalls, rivers and seas.”

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