Australian Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Class Of 2020

Courtesy of Christopher Guesdon.

Christopher Guesdon announced the inaugural Class of 2020 Honourees of the new Australian Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame (AMSHOF).

He explains, “The AMSHOF immortalises the career achievements of those Australians who have distinguished themselves as a marathon swimmer or contributor in the sport in Australia and/or internationally.

The inaugural class of Australian Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame honourees inducted on August 2020 include:

Australian Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Honourees – Class of 2020:
* Jennifer Anderson
* Lauren Arndt
* David Bates
* Clive Berry Rickards
* Kate Brookes-Peterson
* Roger Bruce
* Tamara Bruce
* Richard Campion
* Brendan Capell
* Graeme Carroll
* Cavill Family
* Melissa Cunningham
* William Ford
* Melissa Gorman
* Trent Grimsey
* Christopher Guesdon
* Susanne Guesdon
* Kevin Holtom
* Annette Kellerman
* Tracy Knowles
* John Koorey
* Susie Maroney OAM
* Chloë McCardel
* Linda McGill MBE
* Joseph Mitchell
* Lynton Mortensen
* David O’Brien OAM
* Penny Palfrey
* James Pittar
* Des Renford MBE
* Grant Robinson
* Rottnest Channel Swim Association
* Mark Saliba
* Josh Santacaterina
* Shelley Taylor-Smith
* Gary Toner
* Suzanne Toner

Guesdon explained the criteria for nominations, “The AMSHOF encourages any members of the Australian Marathon Swimming Community to nominate a fellow Australian outstanding swimmer or contributor. Nominations must include a short history clearly outlining the candidate’s swimming or contribution in a clear and concise statement outline the major reason why the candidate should be included in the AMSHOF as an Honouree.

Inductions to the Honour Roll will not be annual, but will take place quarterly in 2020-2021. Following the inaugural intake, the next intakes will be December 2020, March 2021, and June 2021. AMSHOF will receive your nominations at any time for consideration.

For swimmers, solo marathon swimmers and racers careers are considered with equal status. Swims presented in the nominee’s bio must be of 10 km or longer. Non marathon activities or shorter swims should not be included in the bio. Swimmers must be those noteworthy participants who through their career achievements have made a significant contribution to the status of marathon swimming. In a clear and concise statement, outline the major reason why the candidate should be included in the Honour Roll.
For racers, swim attire rules required by event organisers will suffice. For solo swimmers, an independent observer’s report or swim organisation’s listed results of the swim must be produced on demand.

Contributors include marathon swimming team support staff, administrators, event organisers, coaches, pilots, and technical officials with a noteworthy career as a contributor of marathon swimming events in Australia or internationally of 10 km or over will be eligible for consideration. Contributors will be selected for careers of excellence and outstanding achievements in roles supportive to marathon swimmers. In a clear and concise statement, outline the major reason why the candidate should be included in the Honour Roll.

A positive official drug test or failing a doping control program or proven non-ethical behaviour prohibits a candidate from inclusion in the Australian Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame.

Of the 37 inaugural honourees, there were 15 women, 20 men, 1 organisation, and 1 family group. There were 6 administrators 6
technical officials, and 6 coaches along with 24 swimmers and 13 contributors.

17 of the Australians are also inductees in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame including world champions and those who have contributed in various roles in the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim</em>”.

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