Australian Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Honors John Koorey

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Chris Guesdon and Gary Toner announced John Koorey as a member of the inaugural Class of 2020 in the Australian Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame.

They explained, “John was a swimmer, coach, handler and contributor to the sport of marathon swimming. John was the first Australian male to swim the English Channel in 1969 in 10 hours 32 minutes and subsequently completed 23 km Cook Strait twice in 1981 and 1986. As an administrator, John was a founding member of The Australian Long-Distance Swimming Federation formed in 1973 in Hobart to facilitate recognition of the new sport.

The foundation members and subsequent office bearers were Chris Guesdon – President, Dick Campion – Deputy President, Sue Guesdon – Secretary, and John Koorey – Executive Members – who are all members of the Australian Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame.

The body changed its name in 1980 to the Australian Marathon Swimming Federation.

John later became the President and the Australian Championships moved to Sydney, New South Wales. The Australian Marathon Swimming Federation ran the national open water swimming titles until FINA and therefore Australian Swimming Inc. took over open water in 1986.

The first Australian Swimming Open Water Swimming Committee was set up in 1988. Chris Guesdon then became the Secretary of Australian Swimming’s National Open Water Swimming Committee and John Koorey and Campion moved across as committee members of that national body. John also assisted and handled for Susie Maroney when Susie swam from Manly to Darling harbour in 1990 to celebrate the opening of the new Manly wharf.

His marathon swims are listed here.”

The inaugural class of Australian Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame honourees inducted on August 2020 include:

Australian Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Honourees – Class of 2020:
* Jennifer Anderson
* Lauren Arndt
* David Bates
* Clive Berry Rickards
* Kate Brookes-Peterson
* Roger Bruce
* Tamara Bruce
* Richard Campion
* Brendan Capell
* Graeme Carroll
* Cavill Family
* Melissa Cunningham
* William Ford
* Melissa Gorman
* Trent Grimsey
* Christopher Guesdon
* Susanne Guesdon
* Kevin Holtom
* Annette Kellerman
* Tracy Knowles
* John Koorey
* Susie Maroney OAM
* Chloë McCardel
* Linda McGill MBE
* Joseph Mitchell
* Lynton Mortensen
* David O’Brien OAM
* Penny Palfrey
* James Pittar
* Des Renford MBE
* Grant Robinson
* Rottnest Channel Swim Association
* Mark Saliba
* Josh Santacaterina
* Shelley Taylor-Smith
* Gary Toner
* Suzanne Toner

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