Natalia Chuich And The Wake Of Many Great Russian Swimmers

Courtesy of KAATSU Global, Huntington Beach, California.

Over the last few decades, Russia has produced a number of outstanding professional marathon swimmers including Larisa Ilchenko, Aleksey Akatyev, Vladimir Dyatchin, Daniil Serebrennikov, Yuri Kudinov, Ekaterina Seliverstova, Ivan Afanevich, Evgeny Drattsev, Sergey Bolshakov, Natalya Pankina, Olga Kozydub, and many others.

Russia has also been the central hub of ice swimming, producing a number of age group and overall world champions as well as 9 Ice Milers.

And the number of amateur marathon swimmers and channel swimmers traveling the world to enjoy the sport is growing rapidly.

Natalia Chuich is one example. The Moscow native is a member of the Half Century Club who also serves as a Marathon Swimming Mentor. Over the last three years, she has completed the 10 km Open Swim Stars in Paris, the 14 km Oceanman Lago D’Orta, the 13 km Lake Geneva Classic, the 66.9 km SCAR Swim Challenge, the 25.3 km 8 Bridges Stage 6, the 24 km Champions Cup Vetreno in Russia, the 10 km Oceanman Moscow, the 27 km Lago d’Orta Marathon Swim, the 45.9 km 20 Bridges around Manhattan Island, the 33.5 km English Channel, and the 7.4 km Robben Island crossing in South Africa.

Chuich in 20 Bridges around Manhattan Island on August 17th 2019 accompanied by kayaker Dasha Perova, photo by Martina Pavlicova

Chuich in Saguaro Lake at the SCAR Swim in April 2019, photo by Stephen Rouch

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