Poseidon’s Blessing With Kirby Drawbaugh, A Lesson In Living

Courtesy of Bethanie Mitchell, Seattle, Washington.

Bethanie Mitchell produced Poseidon’s Blessing about 82-year-old Kirby Drawbaugh.

Mitchell describes her documentary on Drawbaught. “Kirby is a lifelong athlete and an ambitious open water swimmer. He continues to set goals, such as swimming the English Channel as part of a relay and crossing the Strait of Gibraltar as a solo swimmer. He trains year round in the frigid temperatures of the Salish Sea in Seattle, Washington. Additionally, he prepares for ice swims at Lake Desire in Renton, Washington.

Open water swimming is a fringe sport, due to the extreme temperatures people swim in without a wetsuit. Most people would find swimming in 48°C water (8°C) intolerable, but at 82, Kirby continues to amaze athletes and spectators with his ability to brave extreme waters, while training and competing in some of the harshest open water swim environments in the world.”

To watch the short film, visit here.

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