Reflections On The Four Way By Sarah Thomas

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Cancer survivor Sarah Thomas is arguably the most accomplished and well-known marathon swimmer in the world. What she does, what she says, and what she stands for is a beacon of hope and inspiration for many.

She is now sharing her thoughts and swimming adventures first-hand. “I’ve started a blog. I’m just a couple posts in, but have enjoyed it so far.”

Her blog posts range from Reflections on The Four Way to her bout with cancer.

Thomas spoke about her four-way 54 hour 10 minute crossing of the English Channel on an April edition of WOWSA Live.

Her 134 km crossing of the English Channel was not even as long as her 168.3 km solo swim in Lake Champlain that took her 67 hours 16 minutes in 2017 or her 128.7 km 56 hour 5 minute crossing of Lake Powell in 2016.

Read her blog here.

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