Andre Slade Talks With Swimmers In Rough, Sharky Waters Down Under

Courtesy of Andre Slade, Bondi Beach, Australia.

Andre Slade is the founder and owner of OceanFit of Bondi, Australia. OceanFit enables people to enhance their ocean lifestyle and discover, learn, watch and share 365 days a year. It offers a large range of podcasts and how-to videos devoted to beach culture, ocean awareness, confidence and fitness for both adults and children.

Slade’s website is continually updated with content that is both educational and aspirational including his lateest episodes of his ONSHORE podcast that are available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio and Podbean:

Slade spoke with the following:

* Scott Belcher, Ken Anderson and Janine Paton, the Shark Island Psycho Swimmers, who swim daily around Shark Island in Cronulla. Listen to their podcast here.

* Robert ‘Chappo’ Chapman, a champion surf Ironman with invaluable insights into surf swimming. Listen to his podcast here.

* Ali Smith from Babewatch, a youth-focused swim group in Manly who talks about the healing power of the ocean. Listen to their podcast here.

* Cyril Baldock OAM, a world-setting marathon swimmer and Bondi Surf Club life member. Listen to his podcast here.

* Vlad Mravec, a well known coach for marathon swimming in Sydney and owner of Vlad Swim. Listen to his podcast here.

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