When Will Swimming Distancing Transform To Tangled Turns In Turbulence?

Courtesy of Mike Lewis, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

With social distancing still mandated throughout much of the world, scenes like this in a competitive 10 km ocean swim in Fort Lauderdale, Florida have not been seen throughout 2020 at least in the United States.

When will these competitions return?

At least the Tokyo Olympics marathon swim seems that it is a go. The Tokyo Olympics organizers announced the Games can proceed without a coronavirus vaccine. “We don’t think a vaccine is a prerequisite for holding the Olympics,” said Toshiro Muto, CEO of Tokyo 2020, said in September. “It would be still beneficial if an effective vaccine is developed by next year, and we do hope that will be the case. We think that the Olympics will be held with the coronavirus still around, so for us the biggest task is to explore and come up with necessary and effective measures to combat the coronavirus.

It is not only the spectators. We are discussing measures for the athletes and all the other stakeholders.”

Japan currently restricts entry to travelers from more than 140 countries. How and from which countries overseas spectators could visit Japan without a quarantine will be determined by the Japanese government that will also determine issues from social distancing, wearing masks, and possibly limiting the number of spectators.

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