Youth Is Served And Delivers: Christophe Maleau Crosses The St. Lucia Channel

Courtesy of Face2Face Africa, Martinique, Caribbean Sea.

On her WOWSA Live interview, Katie Blair spoke about being greeted near the Martinique shore by 12-year-old Christophe Maleau.

Two days before Blair attempted her two-way crossing, Maleau completed his own crossing of the St. Lucia Channel that captured the imagination and support of the entire country. He start on Saint Lucia and finished on his home island of Martinique in the Caribbean Sea after 13 hours 50 minutes 47 seconds.

He later wrote, “I held on singing songs to myself, thinking about the encouragement I received on social media. I was hungry at times during the crossing, I sometimes wanted to stop because I was tired. But when this idea crossed my mind, I told myself that I had no right. I had to continue for the cause I was defending.”

Maleau’s idea was to raise awareness of breast cancer, a disease that his mother has.

His father who was on his escort boat said, “Christophe got it into his head that he wanted to help cancer patients, so he does it by swimming. It was he who ended up encouraging me. At the end, there was swell, bigger waves and of course, I was a little worried. But when he looked at me, I felt he was fine. He didn’t want to give up. It was out of the question..”

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