Antonio Argüelles Training and Traveling from Acapulco To La Jolla

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Diary of a Double documents the year-long journey of Antonio Argüelles who will attempt a 67 km two-way crossing of the English Channel in 2021. Argüelles, who last week did some hard hours of training in the warm waters of Acapulco, traveled to La Jolla Cove in California for some more distance training with escort kayaker extraordinaire Dan Simonelli.

From the 30°C water of Acapulco to the 15°C water of La Jolla, the transition was not easy. “He did a 3-hour swim starting in darkness in the early morning and then he did a second 3-hour workout in the early afternoon. It was definitely mind over matter when you have to transition from very warm waters to colder conditions,” commented Steven Munatones.

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